A Level Physics

Practical Astronomy A Level

Practical workshops are a great way to introduce students to the astrophysics field prior to making their UCAS  choices.  

Our astronomers and equipment will take your students and staff on a tour of the night sky. Our A Level sessions are tailored to meet exam board specifications. We'll begin with a tour of stars at various stages of their life. Interspersed with observing, we'll lead detailed discussions on the change in potential energy in nebulas and intricacies of nuclear fusion, Bad weather? No problem! We have a range of engaging indoor activities including interactive computer simulations.   

Residential Visit

A fantastic opportunity for your students and you - we'll take the pressure out of organising and activities. 

Take your students away from the school environment on one of our safe and proven residential visits. We will plan and develop the trip to suit your needs to outstanding dark sky locations such as Robins Hood Bay, Kielder Forest, The Peak District, The Lakes, and the Yorkshire moors, with a level of comfort that suits your students and their budget. Don't let the British weather put you off, our expert team of astronomers will inspire all the same with fun activities using our tailored resources relevant to your exam boards requirements.

Classroom Based Practical Physics

A practical approach with an emphasis on Astrophysics


A more practical approach to aspects of the A Level physics specification with practitioners and astronomers with outstanding teaching with a proven track record. we can run practical workshops looking at our own star discussing and investigating black body emitters, the inverse square law, Stefan´s law and Wien´s law. following that well look at your sun at different wavelengths to really get to grips with it. finishing off with an in-depth look at the mathematics which govern the motion of the solar system.

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