Uniformed Groups

Whether Brownie, Scout, Cub or Guide, YA will take your group on a tour of the night sky, where they'll be able to learn and do everything they need to earn their Astronomy or Space badge.


An example of our Scout's Astronomer badge package:

Session 1 

A tour of the night sky, including the constellations and the stories behind them.

Star mapping and orienteering.

Practical astronomy sessions using our telescopes to observe the moon and the planets.

Session 2

How a telescope works and DIY telescopes

Meteor and satellite hunting using state of the art tracking software 

Introduction to astrophotography and smart phone photography.

Our standard two session packages include resources, astronomers and equipment.

This can be modified to suit your needs.

Find out more about Space and Astronomy badge requirements via the links below:

Click here for prices and enquiries, or if you just want some help planning a session.

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