A Practical Look at the Night Sky

From the life cycles of stars to cosmology, we cover all the aspects identified by your chosen exam board. 

This is a topic that always grabs students at any age. Students will get to see the nebula galaxies all the way to the main sequence stars, red giants, super red giants and supernovas and planetary nebula. We will then discuss and look for evidence for the Big Bang, Dark Matter and hypothesise a possible fate for our Universe. 

Astronomy Photography

An excellent workshop bringing together photography, astronomy and processing skills. No equipment necessary!

The glossy images we see on websites and magazines are the result of processing and imaging. In this workshop, we will guide students through the process and assist them to develop the skills and knowledge opening up a door of astrophotography they may never of experienced before.

Residential Visits

An important aspect of education, give your students an experience of education away from the classroom.

Our educational visits team will plan your residential and run activities, taking the planning out of your already full hands! Our trips cater for all needs and pockets.  We can even team up with over departments within your school or college. One great example is our Robins Hood Bay 2 day residential, where at night students can study the planets, discussing their creation and geology, and then during the day discover the physical geography and fossil formations along the cliff tops. 

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