Resources: Coming Soon...

As Yorkshire Astronomy grows, we'll be sharing some of our favourite resources with you to help you continue on your astronomy journey! Whether you're a teacher, club organiser, parent, child, or general enthusiast! Come back soon to carry on learning and find new ways to explore the night sky.

In the meantime, here are a couple of resources from other organisations that we find really useful for helping people begin their journey into astronomy and beyond...

BBC Science: How do telescopes let us see far into space?

A great article for those about to see First Light with a telescope for the first time.

BBC Stargazing Live website

Packed full of videos, articles, resources and guides for all the family. Don't forget to catch their programmes on the TV, too!

We particularly like their Stargazing live telescope guide:

Sky & Telescope Let's Go Stargazing Guide

A short and simple introduction to getting started in astronomy and exploring the universe.

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